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Therapist Anniversary
In the Spotlight!

Look Who's In The SPOTlight!

Oct 08 , 2021

We are so very proud of these two SPOTlight stars!!        

Yoav and Silas are In The SPOTlight!

Dec 10 , 2020

We are so excited to celebrate our SPOTlight stars for Jan-Mar 2021. Yoav and Silas have worked so hard in therapy. Check out all they have accompl...

Andrew is in the SPOTlight!

Nov 09 , 2020

Congratulations, Andrew on all his hard work during occupational therapy! We are so proud of you!

Look Who’s In the Spotlight

Sep 26 , 2019

Every few months we recognize the hard work of some of our patients. We are so proud of all the accomplishments that our SPOTlight stars have made ...