Activity Idea: Fine Motor Skills

Oct 02 , 2018

Finger Twister Activity

Skills Addressed:

finger dexterity and finger isolation

Materials & Set-Up:

Materials to make: twister board and spinner template, glue, cardboard or cereal box, scissors

Materials to play: twister board, a coin, and your fingers!


1. Print: Twister Board and Spinner Template

2. Cut out and glue twister board to piece of cardboard or cereal box

3. Now you are ready to play!


How to Play

  • Use your non-dominant hand, or have a friend, toss a coin on to the ‘spinner’ board to select a color (the closest color when the coin lands) OR add a spinner to your spinner board
    • Place the finger identified on the spinner board on the appropriate color, keeping all of your other fingers tucked into your palm
    • Keeping that finger on that spot, toss a coin again to add a second finger on the board
    • Repeat steps 1-3