Clothespin Puzzle

Aug 27 , 2019

Skills addressed:
● Pincer grasp and hand strength
● Letter/number sequencing
● Visual perceptual skills

● Clothespins
● Markers
● card stock
● OPTIONAL: tape

Step 1:
Line up clothespins next to each other on a piece of card stock

Step 2:
Draw a picture that covers all the clothespins or have you child draw the picture (this could be difficult as clothespins may not line up exactly).
MODIFICATION: Write on the bottom of each clothespin numbers or letters of their name in order (or any other sequencing your child is working on). Also, you can allow your child to write their letters or numbers to address letter/number formation and sizing (as the clothespin is smaller than the paper they typically write on).

Step 3:
Remove clothespins from cardstock and mix them up.

Step 4:
Allow your child to put the puzzle back together on the piece of card stock.
SIMPLIFICATION: If your child still needs the strength of both hands to complete this, you can tape the card stock to the edge of a table or other flat, stationary surface.