Treatment Activity: Blanket Treasure Hunt

Aug 31 , 2020

This task addresses tactile discrimination and visualization. Your child must ‘picture’ what they are feeling with their hands in order to figure out what the object is! These skills are important for fine motor skills, memory, attention, body awareness, and so much more!

what you need:          

  • small toys or wrapped candies
  • 1 or 2 large heavy blankets
  • large space big enough to lay the blanket(s) on the floor

what to do:                 

  • Hide the small toys and wrapped candies beneath the blankets and lay            the blankets out on the floor.
  • Have your child crawl beneath the blanket and rely on his or her hands to locate the small goodies.
  • The pressure from the heavy blankets will give your child proprioceptive sensory input, and your child will need to rely on feeling and tactile sensation, instead of vision, to locate the goodies.
Hide the objects under the blanket!