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Disconnect the Tech: Impact of Screen Time on Development

Jun 15 , 2019

Screen time usage in children is at an all-time high.  Studies are finding that 2 and 3-year-olds are using screens between 2-3 hours per day, 8 to...

Preventing & Overcoming Learned Helplessness

Jun 15 , 2019

Imagine this – Everyday while getting ready for school your child tries to zip up their jacket and is unsuccessful, so each day they turn to you a...

Interoception: The 8th Sensory System Explained

May 10 , 2019

Sit back and relax. What do you feel inside your body? Are your muscles tense or relaxed? Are you thirsty? Is your heart beating fast or slow? Do ...

Thinking Outside the Plate: Strategies for Picky Eaters

May 02 , 2019

Does your child have a very restricted range of foods they eat? Do they tend to cry or “fall apart” when presented with new foods? Do they refuse ...

Promoting Language Through Play

Mar 26 , 2019

Research suggest that young children learn best through play (Vygotsky, 1933).  Therefore, it is important to engage and interact with your child d...

Karen is Celebrating 4 Yrs

Mar 15 , 2019

Karen is celebrating 4 yrs as part of The Therapy SPOT team. Way to go, Karen!