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Therapist Anniversary
In the Spotlight!

Look Who’s In the Spotlight

Sep 26 , 2019

Every few months we recognize the hard work of some of our patients. We are so proud of all the accomplishments that our SPOTlight stars have made ...

Celebrating Kathy- 3 yrs at The Therapy SPOT!

Sep 09 , 2019

Please join us in celebrating Kathy, one of our occupational therapists at The Therapy SPOT. She has been part of The Therapy SPOT team for 3 years...

Clothespin Puzzle

Aug 27 , 2019

Skills addressed: ● Pincer grasp and hand strength ● Letter/number sequencing ● Visual perceptual skills Materials: ● Clothespins ● Markers ● card ...

Stop, Drop, Spin, Hop!

Aug 27 , 2019

Materials- ★ Paper plate ★ Sticky notes ★ Cardboard ★ Split pin ★ Dice ★ Hole punch ★ Tape/ glue How to Make- ★ Label paper plate with activitie...

Balloon Balance Game

Aug 27 , 2019

Supplies Needed: Containers of varying size (bowls, pots, buckets, etc.) Balloons (same number as the number of containers you have) Rice or bean...

Childhood Trauma

Jun 15 , 2019

What are Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)? ACEs are potentially traumatic experiences that occur to children under 18 years old that can incl...