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Early Identification of a Speech Disorder

May 21 , 2021

One of the most exciting time periods in a young child’s life is when they realize that they have a voice and learn how to use it! This includes de...

Motor Planning Activity: Outdoor Obstacle Course

May 21 , 2021

Motor Planning Activity: Outdoor Obstacle CourseWhat is Motor Planning?Motor planning is the way we design and carry out new motor actions. This me...

Fine Motor Activity: Painting

May 21 , 2021

Finger painting addresses fine motor skill development. Your child will use their small or fine motor skills to push the paint around the paper, co...

Fine Motor Activity: Sponge Play

May 21 , 2021

Sponge Play:The purpose of this activity addresses fine motor skills as it strengthens the hands and muscles of the forearms because any activity t...

Current Mask Policy will Continue

May 15 , 2021

Despite the recent change to the mask mandate, The Therapy SPOT team has decided to continue to uphold our mask requirement. Many of our patients a...

Speech in Everyday Life

Jan 20 , 2021

Does your child have difficulty with speech and/or language development? Join us to learn easy strategies for promoting speech development in every...