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Fine Motor Activity: Painting

May 21 , 2021

Finger painting addresses fine motor skill development. Your child will use their small or fine motor skills to push the paint around the paper, co...

Fine Motor Activity: Sponge Play

May 21 , 2021

Sponge Play:The purpose of this activity addresses fine motor skills as it strengthens the hands and muscles of the forearms because any activity t...

COVID & The School Year

Aug 31 , 2020

With the school year beginning and the start of cold and flu season just around the corner, we want to take a moment to remind our patients and th...

Fine Motor Activity: Piano Play

Aug 31 , 2020

Playing with a piano or keyboard is a great way to practice finger isolation and hand eye coordination, which are important for handwriting and oth...

Treatment Activity: Blanket Treasure Hunt

Aug 31 , 2020

This task addresses tactile discrimination and visualization. Your child must ‘picture’ what they are feeling with their hands in order to figure o...

Engaging Children with Autism

Aug 28 , 2020

Are you having a difficult time playing with your child with Autism? How can play help you and your child with Autism communicate and bond? Your c...