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What is Sensory Processing?

May 31 , 2024

What is sensory processing?Sensory processing is a term used to describe how our brain processes information from our senses. From an early age, we...

Blowing Bubble Towers

Nov 20 , 2022

Purpose/ Skills addressed: The purpose of this treatment activity is to work on strengthening the muscles in the jaw, mouth, and face for chewing a...

Build A Skyline Block Activity

Nov 20 , 2022

This activity helps with the development of number recognition and hand eye coordination. With this activity, a child can make as many “buildings” ...

The Difference Between DIR and Behavioral Approaches

Dec 16 , 2021

What is DIR Floortime? DIR Floortime is an effective approach during intervention for autistic children and adolescent and other developmental diso...

Social Thinking Curriculum: What are the Unthinkables?

May 21 , 2021

Social thinking is a way to help your child learn about the thoughts and feelings within themselves and the people around them. Learning about emot...

Early Identification of a Speech Disorder

May 21 , 2021

One of the most exciting time periods in a young child’s life is when they realize that they have a voice and learn how to use it! This includes de...