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Primitive Reflexes: Part Two

Sep 23 , 2017

Primitive Reflexes: Part Two Reflex Name Palmar Grasp Reflex Spinal Galant Reflex Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex Moro Reflex or “Startle” Reflex A...

Primitive Reflexes: Part One

Sep 16 , 2017

What are primitive reflexes? Primitive reflexes are automatic movements that develop in the brain stem before birth. These involuntary movements ar...

The Sensory Profile- A tool for assessing sensory processing

Sep 08 , 2017

The Sensory Profile 2 is an assessment to help better understand your child’s sensory processing abilities. This summary will describe the purpose ...

Understanding Your Child’s Cognitive Development

Sep 07 , 2017

Are you wondering if your child’s cognitive development is on track? Then check out our cognitive development chart! Cognitive Development Chart

We love what we do. Are you loving it too?

Nov 02 , 2016

How can we improve our services? What are we doing well? Let us know by taking this short, 10 question survey: Give Feedback

We’re Moving to a New Spot!

May 16 , 2016

We’re excited to announce that the Therapy SPOT will be moving to a new spot this June 2016. Our new spot will be located at: 30903 W 10 Mile Rd S...