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Stop, Drop, Spin, Hop!

Aug 27 , 2019

Materials- ★ Paper plate ★ Sticky notes ★ Cardboard ★ Split pin ★ Dice ★ Hole punch ★ Tape/ glue How to Make- ★ Label paper plate with activitie...

Balloon Balance Game

Aug 27 , 2019

Supplies Needed: Containers of varying size (bowls, pots, buckets, etc.) Balloons (same number as the number of containers you have) Rice or bean...

Childhood Trauma

Jun 15 , 2019

What are Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)? ACEs are potentially traumatic experiences that occur to children under 18 years old that can incl...

Disconnect the Tech: Impact of Screen Time on Development

Jun 15 , 2019

Screen time usage in children is at an all-time high.  Studies are finding that 2 and 3-year-olds are using screens between 2-3 hours per day, 8 to...

Preventing & Overcoming Learned Helplessness

Jun 15 , 2019

Imagine this – Everyday while getting ready for school your child tries to zip up their jacket and is unsuccessful, so each day they turn to you a...

Interoception: The 8th Sensory System Explained

May 10 , 2019

Sit back and relax. What do you feel inside your body? Are your muscles tense or relaxed? Are you thirsty? Is your heart beating fast or slow? Do ...